Dates: 21 June ~ 22 July
Aries Background

Cancer & Aquarius Compatibility

Not very good: Very incompatible, not much understanding

Cancer with Aquarius

Not a very compatible couple. There are some serious differences between these two - Cancer needs a partner who will always be there for them, who they can depend on and someone who will be totally faithful and loyal to them.

Aquarius meanwhile, needs to have independence, no questions about where they were last night and do not have the same views on loyalty to a partner that Cancer has. Aquarius is too aloof, both physically and emotionally for sensitive Cancer, who will feel very hurt if their lover ignores them or does not shower them with love and affection (or if their partner does not allow Cancer to shower them with love).

Aquarius on the other hand, feels very trapped if a lover wants too much emotional attachment like Cancer does. In additon, Aquarius just cannot handle all the emotional dramas, which come aplenty with a Cancerian lover - this is what will really drive Aquaurius away, Cancer's emotional needs, which they simply cannot cater to. This is a difficult match.


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