Dates: 21 June ~ 22 July
Aries Background

Cancer & Cancer Compatibility

Warm and fuzzy: Highest compatibility, best match

Cancer with Cancer

What a lovely couple these two make (as long as they are not in a bad mood, when they could potentially sulk for days, with both too stubborn and proud to break the ice). They have so much in common and are so sensitive that they feel no-one else can understand them at all, until they meet each other. Finally they have met someone who is so similar, who is as sympathetic and has the same needs and is as emotionally sensitive as they are.

They are both sentimental and romantic, who will have an anniversary for everything - even the first fight they had. They both want to please and take care of each other in all ways and this is because they are both such nurturers - they can both go overboard in this sometimes, but at least they have a partner who understand this.

Sexually they are well matched - sex is an emotional union for both. The only problem is the moodiness of both - if neither is willing to talk, then nothing will ever be resolved.


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