Dates: 21 June ~ 22 July
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Cancer & Capricorn Compatibility

Nice match: Great compatibility

Cancer with Capricorn

Opposites that attract and can make it work really well together, long-term. Cancer is very attracted to Capricorn's strength and resilience, as they know they can trust this person to be loyal to them and is someone who will take care not to play with their very sensitive emotions.

Capricorn is very attracted to Cancer's sensuality and warmth, their attention to their home and their fierce loyalty. Capricorn appreciates a partner who will support them and this is something Cancer does very well, willingly.

Both can get jealous and possessive, but Cancer's emotions tend to be more intense, as Capricorn has more control over their emotions (which is a trait that Cancer both loves and hates). Both are shy and sensitive, so in order to get together, they will really think about the long-term potential before engaging in a serious relationship. The only spoiler may be Cancer's moodiness, which Capricorn may not be able to handle well at all.


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