Dates: 21 June ~ 22 July
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Cancer & Leo Compatibility

Not a bad match: Great compatibility

Cancer with Leo

This is a match that can work, depending on whether Leo can be the dominating one and if Cancer can be the less dominating one. If there is just a little compromise on Leo's part, this can be a really good match for both because Leo wants an adoring partner who will take care of them, and that is exactly what Cancer is.

Leo is loud, exuberant and glamorous, they demand attention wherever they go, while Cancer on the other hand is more subdued and quiet. Leo wants to take the lead and Cancer is very willing to let them - this works so well for both. Sexually, they are a great match, as Leo needs attention and Cancer just wants to please their partner.

Leo's exuberance soon removes any Cancer moodiness and Cancer appreciates the strength of Leo, who is someone they can lean on. Both are very loyal, so if Leo can be a little bit more sensitive to Cancer, this is almost a perfect match for both.


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