Dates: 21 June ~ 22 July
Aries Background

Cancer & Sagittarius Compatibility

Too different: Very incompatible, not much understanding

Cancer with Sagittarius

These two will be attracted to each other, initially, but it will soon go downhill from there. Cancer finds Sagittarius hilariously funny and so interesting and amusing, while Sagittarius finds Cancer very sweet and loving and thoughtful.

Cancer though, needs a lot more security and stability than their Sagittarius lover can give them. Cancer needs a partner who can handle their dependence and emotional needs. Sagittarius, on the other hand is very independent and wants the same in a partner, so this is an huge area for contention.

There are many more serious differences in their personalities and preferences - Cancer wants to spend as much time alone with their partner on romantic interludes, but Sagittarius wants to socialize and be free to talk to others, Cancer needs emotional stability, whereas Sagittarius wants freedom. This is a difficult match, even with other compatible factors in the charts (unless they are overwhelmingly strong).


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