Dates: 21 June ~ 22 July
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Cancer In Career & Work

Due to their extreme giving and caring nature, cancerians are best suited for the service and care giving industry like nursing, social service, hospitality etc. They give a lot of importance to security, thus they will choose professions that will give them enough security, both financial and of job.

They are good in dealing with people, but sometimes tend to be shy; still they can make very good use of their nurturing qualities, especially while dealing with children or animals. They can be very intelligent, which will make them make important improvements in their career. They are hardworking, dedicated and will never shy away from their duties and responsibilities.

Some of the popular career choices for them are antique dealers, archaeologists, caretaker, bartender, charity worker, social worker, cook, chef, fisherman, furniture restorer, gardener, historian, home care worker, air hostess or steward, nanny, nurse, musician, teacher, waiter, entrepreneur, manager etc.

Their shrewd nature can make them good businessman. They like variety in their careers. They are good in following orders and religiously complete their task on time. They do not like to be disturbed while working and will never boast about their achievements, even though they achieve a lot.

They have very good imaginative powers which they will put to use in their jobs. They like to make a lot of money and will save enough for a secured future. They are some of the best workers one can have as they will always do their work on time without any complains or demands.


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