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Cancer Horoscope Today

Friday: February 19, 2021

Friday’s skies are a mixed bag of cosmic action, Cancer. The moon glides into reflective Gemini early this morning, lowering your energy levels and encouraging you to withdraw socially for a recharge. Luna’s strong link with capable Saturn can help you explore usually daunting psychological topics with a sense of calm. Elsewhere, the lovers, Venus and Mars, quarrel. This is potentially creating added stress in social situations.

Cancer Horoscope Tomorrow

Saturday: February 20, 2021

Saturday’s cosmos bring a welcome sigh of relief, Cancer. Communication-centered Mercury finalizes its retrograde motion and turns direct today, helping you better sort out any relationship revelations you’ve experienced in previous weeks. Elsewhere, the reflective Gemini moon calls for a restorative, relaxed day. Luna makes a series of positive aspects that can be easily enjoyed if you keep things low-key.

Cancer Horoscope Yesterday

Thursday: February 18, 2021

Your perspective is beginning to shift under today’s skies, Cancer. After weeks of exploring the dark, dusty corners of your heart (and facing some uncomfortable truths in the process), you’re ready to see the light again. The sun moves forward into visionary Pisces today, pushing you into a new phase of self-exploration. The weeks ahead focus on education, revisiting old beliefs and misconceptions, and expanding your world.  


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