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Cancer Horoscope Today

Thursday: November 26, 2020

Your bank statement may not be as healthy as it used to be, but that doesn't mean you can't be as happy as you used to be! You need to stop letting money control your mood and start realizing that you are so lucky in many respects. To help you get back into a sunnier mood, why not call up some friends and reconnect? Shoot the breeze. Have some laughs. You don't have to spend money to have a wonderful time.

Cancer Horoscope Tomorrow

Friday: November 27, 2020

If you have a regular exercise routine, try to mix it up a bit today. Mundane physical exertion will do more to hinder your good energy levels than improve them. If you don't have any sort of regular routine, you definitely need to start one. Even if it's something small like taking a walk in the evening, or walking up the stairs instead of taking an elevator, it will make a big difference in your energy and your attitude today.

Cancer Horoscope Yesterday

Wednesday: November 25, 2020

Listen with your ears wide open today because something someone says could be very useful to you. Either it will provide an important clue for solving a mystery, or it will provide you with an opening to start a conversation with someone you've been dying to get to know better. When you do start this conversation, try to appeal to their intellect rather than their emotions. They are eager to have a smart conversation with a smart person like you.


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