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Cancer Horoscope Today

Wednesday: October 16, 2019

The only problems you will have today will be caused by your unpredictable energy level. Your mood will be swinging a bit wildly, and it could be difficult for people to hang on for too long. Expect some folks to go their own way. But don't worry—these rapid changes are nothing that you can't get a handle on before the end of the day. If your mind wanders off like it is destined to, just go with the flow and try to enjoy the fact that you're active at all, right now.

Cancer Horoscope Tomorrow

Thursday: October 17, 2019

People have very long memories, so when you meet a new and interesting person today, make sure that you are going to be a good memory for them. Turn on your charm and remember to listen, listen, listen! Use their name repeatedly, and show them that you are paying attention to them. If you want to see them again, you need to let them know that. Don't play it cool—be direct and clear. They will admire you all the more for it. Take the initiative and they will take note.

Cancer Horoscope Yesterday

Tuesday: October 15, 2019

Today, you could be subject to some unsolicited advice from a coworker or peer that will sound suspiciously like a lecture. Unfortunately, you won't be able to do much more than nod and smile as they go on and on, loving the sound of their own voice. It's a good thing you don't have to listen. Just let your mind wander off to places where their narrow ideas about how to do everything in life don't matter. You should feel no pressure to follow their directions, whatsoever.


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