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Cancer Horoscope Today

Friday: December 06, 2019

Tempo is key today—do your best to stay in rhythm with the people around you, which will be no easy task. Each of the people you encounter today is marching to the beat of their own drummer, and you'll have to be ready to go faster or slower, depending. This challenge will be good for you, though—it will teach you how to treat people as individuals and anticipate their needs. It will help you learn to be even more flexible than you already are!

Cancer Horoscope Tomorrow

Saturday: December 07, 2019

Sure—any impulse buys you make today might provide temporary relief for your symptoms, but they definitely won't fix the underlying cause. Save your money for another day and instead, take a walk, visit with a friend, or do something else that is free of charge. You'll get much more value of out it. Retail therapy is not a very effective way of dealing with whatever dramas you're going through right now—so avoid the mall and do not get out that plastic!

Cancer Horoscope Yesterday

Thursday: December 05, 2019

Today is not a day to hesitate when you see something wrong. As soon as you walk outside your home today, you should deal with the issues at hand straight on—and with vigor. You can still be kind, or even charming, but you can't put things off any longer. Like a bandage that just needs to be ripped right off, the small crises of your day must be nipped in the bud quickly, before they get the chance to grow into something ugly and overpowering.


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