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Cancer Horoscope Today

Tuesday: May 04, 2021

Tuesday’s skies are considerably gentler than those of recent days, Cancer. The moon floats through problem-solving Aquarius, focusing your attention on relationship concerns and dealing with psychological debris. Luna’s connection with sweet Venus and big-picture Jupiter helps re-instill optimism towards nagging partnership problems. Later, the moon dips into deep-feeling Pisces, helping you feel more in sync with yourself.

Cancer Horoscope Tomorrow

Wednesday: May 05, 2021

Wednesday’s skies energize you into action, Cancer. The moon floats through imaginative Pisces and forms a supportive connection with self-assertive Mars, who's currently in your sign. This pairing prompts you to express yourself boldly and carve a path forward through any obstacles. Lover Venus forms a link to wound-healing Pluto too, offering you the chance to bring your relationships to the next level of vulnerability and intimacy.

Cancer Horoscope Yesterday

Monday: May 03, 2021

Monday’s cosmic landscape has a few roadblocks in store, Cancer. It’s an ideal day to hide away and confide in those closest to you. The sun locks into a harsh square with reality-testing Saturn, highlighting what needs transforming on an internal level to better help you approach your goals. Messenger Mercury slips into reflective Gemini too, pulling your mind inward and quieting your voice.


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