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Cancer Horoscope Today

Tuesday: February 19, 2019

Keep an eye out for a friend who has been walking on the wild side for a bit too long—give your pal a reality check today, before his or her reality takes an unfortunate turn. True, it's not your job to tell other people how to live their lives, but in this case, a little friendly advice (delivered in a nonjudgmental, supportive way, of course) could be called for. Surprisingly, pointing someone toward a more sedate lifestyle may inspire you to make your lifestyle a bit more outrageous.

Cancer Horoscope Tomorrow

Wednesday: February 20, 2019

Feel free to push your agenda today without any hesitation—the people you're dealing with are ready for a fresh voice, and you might be the perfect person to give it to them. In terms of work and in terms of play, your role among your people is growing in importance, as they realize that there are things that only you can make happen. People are cozying up to you and buttering you up—you might be right to be skeptical (but not suspicious) of their motivations.

Cancer Horoscope Yesterday

Monday: February 18, 2019

There has been a lot of behind-closed-doors talk about you and where you are going—the powers that be are debating whether you're ready for a big challenge. There is a major opportunity within your reach today. If you're ready for it, you'll have to be very assertive, perhaps pushing others out of the way. But if you're content with the way things are, just keep walking and let a hungrier person grab the big brass ring this time.


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