Dates: 21 June ~ 22 July
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Cancer In Health

The sign of Cancer horoscope rules the chest, breast, elbows, stomach, womb and female reproductive parts. Thus they are more vulnerable to diseases related to these parts of the body like breast cancer, dropsy, piles etc. They will also suffer from problems like weak digestion, gastric and other stomach related illness.

Problems like cough and weak vision are also common in them. They also suffer from problems like depression, hypochondria and hysteria. Cancer women tend to be more fragile than cancer men, especially with their reproductive parts. However as they age, they will become stronger and stronger. They will also face problems due to excessive drinking of alcohol or bad food habits.

They use food and alcohol as a means to escape their problems, thus they might suffer from obesity and heart diseases. Since they are too emotional they will also suffer from mental stress and fear complexes. Physically they are not so strong.

Other parts of the body that they rule are bladder, blood serum, albumen, stomach, liver, elbows etc. They can maintain good health by keeping their mind free from the entire mental trauma that they subject themselves to. A healthy mind gives way to a healthy body, thus they need to take less stress. They need to check their food and drinking habits in order to maintain a healthy body and mind.


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