Dates: 21 June ~ 22 July
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Different Ways To Attract Cancer

Cancerians are very sensitive people. It is easy for them to get hurt, thus one needs to be careful while dealing with them. Deal with them in the gentlest way possible. They don't like advice's, whether good or bad, so don't try to lecture them on anything. Be direct with them, they do not like people beating around the bush.

Don't wait for them to initiate or take the first step, instead approach them first. Even though they might hesitate the first time, they will eventually give in. Rejection is their biggest fear, so make them feel wanted and cared. Trust means a lot to them, so never try to play with their trust.

They will appreciate honesty, even if it's about anything negative, so be frank with them. When complimenting them make sure it is genuine because they can sense it if it is not. Ask them for advice but never give them one. Ask for their help, they will be happy to oblige. Don't be too pushy or try too hard to get close to them. They are very cautious people who will take their own time to decide about things. Do not force them to rush into things.


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