Dates: 21 June ~ 22 July
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In Love

Cancer In Love

At the outset cancerians are afraid to fall in love, because they are too scared to be left heartbroken. They are very sensitive and gets hurt with small things. So in order to protect themselves from being hurt they build up a wall around them and hardly let anyone get too close to them.

They are not the ones to make the first move in love. They keep their distance and take time to analyze if the person would be the right one to fall in love with. They do not want to jump into relationships and get hurt later, so they take plenty of time before they finally decide to commit. For them relationships need to be meaningful not just for fun.

Even if someone approaches them, they will not immediately give a favorable response, and will reserve it for later. So they can keep you guessing. Their first reaction will always be defensive. However they will melt down after sometime and will start responding. But once they fall in love, they will be extremely caring and pleasing.

They are the most sensual and excellent lovers. They know how to make their partners feel special and wanted. They will make love the most memorable experience in their partner's life. They value loyalty and sincerity in relationships, and once it's is broken, they will never forgive.


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