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Cancer Love Horoscope Today

Tuesday: August 20, 2019

Flirt: Earn those karma points! You're feeling the urge to help right now, and it could be anyone from a roommate struggling with a bad breakup to the old lady who needs help crossing the street.

For Singles: Push, but don't alienate. People will make all kinds of wild statements and crazy commitments today, but don't hold your breath. Tenacity isn't exactly a prized asset today. Keep your expectations low and you won't be disappointed. Follow up, but only once.

For Couples: If your heart and your head are not in agreement today, go with your intellectual side. It may take a few days to know you made the right choice, so have faith in your instincts.

Cancer Love Horoscope Tomorrow

Wednesday: August 21, 2019

Flirt: It's a good time to try new things and also to experience new spiritual options you hadn't yet considered. Indulge yourself today, but try to make sure you're pushing yourself in the right direction.

For Singles: So your mind's wandering—your heart's in the right place, and the daydreaming you're doing might include some visionary stuff vis-a-vis your romantic future. Just be careful operating heavy machinery!

For Couples: You'll make a better connection with your partner if you appeal to their intellectual side, rather than the emotional. Focus on the facts, and they'll respond with honesty and understanding.

Cancer Love Horoscope Yesterday

Monday: August 19, 2019

Flirt: Hang back and watch the drama today; you don't need to take part. You have the right kind of energy to face it fearlessly and get out of the way -- let others deal with the consequences.

For Singles: The fate of the earth weighs heavily on your shoulders. Learn more about environmental issues and put them into practice. Vow to avoid processed food one day a week—that means nothing packaged or out of season, and no meat! Fill your body with veggies, rice, and water.

For Couples: If your honey seems to be acting a little strangely, make sure they didn't misinterpret something you said. Don't let a simple misunderstanding keep you from having a great time tonight.


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