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The Cancer Man

A Cancerian man is the perfect family man. His loves his family, his children and his home. If he stays out of home for too long he tends to become homesick. He is very emotional and sympathetic towards the needs of others. He goes through a lot of mood changes, which can be good as well as bad at the same time.

They tend to worry a lot about unnecessary things. When it comes to helping other they will never back out. They have very good memories and will hardly forget any incident or information. For him there is nothing as more important as his home and family and he will give more than 100 percent to take care of them.

Unlike other typical males, he will be happy to help with the household chores. He will always be working in and around the house, fixing small things, making changes, beautifying and other general work. If ever he needs to be a single father, he will never let the kids feel the absence of their mother. He will go for grocery shopping, cook, clean the house, and can do everything that is usually done by women in house. He can also be very romantic and naughty at times, especially when it comes to love making.

If you are his partner he will make you feel one of the most precious human on earth with his selfless love and undivided attention. Even though he may act tough from outside, he is very emotional and sensitive inside.


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