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11st Month Of 2020

Can travel, technology, and communication finally get back to normal when Mercury leaves its dreaded retrograde cycle on November 3? That’s the hope, Cancer. And because it’s paired with relationship-focused Libra now, you can expect all those romantic misunderstandings to start to fade with the shift in momentum.

On the tenth, Mercury reenters secretive Scorpio, where it was for most of its retrograde cycle, and it’s time to keep things on the down low. Although your curiosity will be off the charts, you’ll be hesitant to share any information you learn. If you share any gossip now, it will only be with your BFF, not on social media.

The new moon on November 14 is also in fellow intuitive water sign Scorpio, making this the perfect time to start exploring a new area of interest. The occult is particularly alluring now, so get a tarot reading or learn to read tarot cards yourself. You’re always evolving during a new moon, and Scorpio’s influence is extremely provocative now.

The sun enters exciting Sagittarius on the twenty-first, welcoming in a month of adventure. Embrace this opportunity to explore your wild side as you let go of inhibitions and start to take more risks. Resist the urge to plan. Spontaneity leads to the experience of a lifetime.


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