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Moon in Cancer - Traits, Personality & its Meaning

A Cancer Moon suggests that if you are at all close to anyone you cannot avoid wanting to protect and nurture like a benign mother. Your ability to do so will depend on how much nurturing you receive in your own life, and, if the other person tries to cling to you, the prominence of air signs in your birth chart. Having the Moon in Cancer You feel most comfortable when you have a family around to which you feel you belong.

This may not be a traditional family. You can create a substitute family with your friends and acquaintances, work in a business where staff are treated as members of a family or gather round you a group of buddies in your workplace who support and nurture each other. In recent years there has been a move away from family businesses towards larger conglomerates in which teamwork is the buzz word - and the change can be painful to you as the familiar ordering of responsibilities is abandoned. Leaving your childhood home and launching into adult life may be difficult as you seek the same kind of protection in the world at large but the world does not offer it. Ambition may not be lacking for a Cancer Moon, but an appropriate vehicle through which to express that ambition may be hard to find. Working with children or in a caring profession may suit your temperament.

If you are a mother with Moon in Cancer you may be the ultimate mother-hen, protecting your brood and looking after their every need, having considerable empathy with their emotional ups and downs. Letting go when children grow up and become emotionally independent of you may be very difficult.


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