Teen Horoscope

Cancer Teen Horoscope Today

Tuesday: August 20, 2019

A recent conflict has worn you out. Do something just for you today. Write in your journal, spend time online, or play your fave video games -- just do something relaxing. Enjoy!

Cancer Teen Horoscope Tomorrow

Wednesday: August 21, 2019

Schoolmates may frustrate you, but luckily you know exactly what you need to calm down. Once you've pampered yourself, take an honest look at your social life to sort out the source of trouble.

Cancer Teen Horoscope Yesterday

Monday: August 19, 2019

That signature of yours has power, and today, the best way to keep your power is to hold back. So don't sign anything you don't have to and consider all of the ramifications first. Think like an IRS auditor, cool and logical.


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