Dates: 21 June ~ 22 July
Aries Background

Traits Personality & Characteristics

  • Motto : "I feel!"
  • Color : White and Silver
  • Planet : Moon
  • Season : Summer
  • Element : Water
  • Quality : Cardinal
  • Metal : Silver
  • Day : Monday
  • Happy numbers : 2, 7
  • Precious stones : Emerald, moonstone
  • Compatible Zodiac Signs : Pisces, Scorpio
  • In-compatible Zodiac Signs : Aries, Virgo, Capricorn, Libra, Taurus

Cancer is symbolized by a Crab. It is a Cardinal Water sign. The positive characteristics of Cancerian are Sensitive, Nurturing, Sympathetic, Intuitive, Imaginative, Emotional, Maternal, Domestic, Tenacious, Retentive, Helpful and Traditional. Their negative characteristics are Brooding, Easily hurt, Touchy, Manipulative, Negative, Overly cautious, Lazy and Selfish.

Though it is the fourth sign of the zodiac, it is the most sensitive of all. Calling them family-oriented, would not be overemphasizing their nature- Cancerians are just meant for their families! They are extremely moody, nurturing, shy and possessive. No wonder you will find a paper they had picked up ten years ago, resting well in their cupboards!

Relationships for Cancerians are supreme and they would go to any lengths to help their relations survive and get past turbulent times. However, this might result in a feeling of suffocation being generated in their relationships. Their naturally mothering attitude fails to give space to the other person. A cancer must realize that it is better to give some time and space to a kin to let the relationship flourish - or else it would die a smothering death.

Ignorance and lack of attention can breed hatred, contempt and depression in Cancerians. If you are in love with a Cancerian, you always need to keep telling him/her how much you love them. Emotional overreactions too are a differentiating characteristic of theirs. Though they look good physically, their mental screws generally remain heaping in turmoil.

A Cancer, as a rule, makes decisions by heart and lets reason and logistics creep in later. They are extremely loyal and devoted, once they are committed to a task and can do any task better than others with full determination. However they lose heart and enthusiasm pretty soon and need to be continuously motivated towards the achievement of a feat.

When it comes to a threat on their family, they turn overtly defensive and it is not easy to get away unhurt if you are in their bad books. Creativity, care and Compassion are the three C’s which completely dominate the lives of all Cancerians. White and silver are their colors and stomach their most susceptible body part. Pearl is the Cancer birthstone- beautiful and polished but easily scratched.

The Cancer Man:


The Cancer Woman:


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