Dates: 21 June ~ 22 July
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The Cancer Woman

A cancer woman is very elegant, feminine and extremely homely. Again, for her also, just like a cancer man, home and family is the ultimate things in life. She will sacrifice her career, her dreams and passions just to be at home and take care of her family. She is very protective about them and will guard it fiercely from any trouble or harm. She is the most nurturing and protective of all women.

Being too emotional and sensitive, she will not commit to relationships easily and will take time before deciding on her partner. Her fear of being hurt prevents her from readily committing herself to anybody. But once she chooses to commit, it will be for a lifetime. She will give her 100 percent to the relationship.

It will be difficult to figure out her moods as it changes quite often and it is also equally hard to figure out what she thinks about you. As a wife and mother she is the best ever. Everything else comes second to her home and family, even her own needs or rather it would be appropriate to say that her greatest need is the well being of her family.

She worries a lot and needs constant reassurance. She is gentle and sensitive. She will get hurt easily thus it is very important to exercise extreme caution while dealing with her. She is fragile and emotionally weak. If you keep her happy, she will make you the happiest person on earth.


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