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2020 Overview

Stay wild, moonchild!

More than any other sign, you're under Luna's spell. And this year, Cancer, she's serving up a double dose of moon magic. With two new moons in your sign—a solar eclipse at 1° on June 20 and a new moon at 29° on July 20—you get two chances to start your personal “new year” off on the right foot. (Lucky for you, since Mercury will be retrograde in your sign the first time around!)

Mercury spends extra time in your sign this year (May 28-August 4, retrograde June 18-July 12), taking your emotional intelligence to a whole other level. You're even more likely than usual to pick up on other people's subtle, nonverbal cues—just don't rule out the possibility that you're projecting your own stuff onto them.

With two full moons in your sign this year (including a lunar eclipse on January 10), they're just as likely to reflect things back to you—like the parts of your identity you've outgrown but remain sentimentally attached to. A tough-love Saturn/Pluto conjunction in your opposite sign of Capricorn, two days after the January eclipse, challenges you to cut the cord. By letting go of old stories, you're freeing yourself to write a new one.

Wellness is one area where you're eager to make a fresh start. And with Mars in Sagittarius at the beginning of the year (January 3-February 16), you're ready to hit the ground running! This is a great time to tackle ambitious fitness goals, as long as you're realistic about how sustainable these lifestyle changes are. Once the south node moves into Sagittarius on May 5, old habits of indulgence may be harder to resist. Choose more adventurous, outdoorsy activities like hiking or soul-satisfying ones like yoga—whatever keeps you coming back for more!

Mental health and spirituality are also areas of focus for you this year, with the north node in Gemini starting May 5 and Venus spending four months in that sign (April 3-August 7, retrograde May 12-June 24). If you don't have a meditation practice already, Cancer, this might be the year to start one as you cultivate a richer inner life and a deeper, more loving relationship with yourself.

2020 Love & Romance

It's meant to be, Cancer! With 2020's long-awaited conjunctions hitting your relationship houses, there's a strong sense of destiny, fate, and karma playing out in your love life.

But whether you're waiting for a sign that a new love interest is “the one,” or a miracle to transform a stagnant situation, one thing's for sure: The answers are coming in their own time, not yours. Meanwhile, ghosts of past relationships may come back to test you on how well you've learned and mastered their lessons.

Blame it on Pluto, who remains in your opposite sign of Capricorn, and Saturn, who splits his time this year between Capricorn and Aquarius. Their conjunction on January 12 (following the lunar eclipse in your sign on the tenth) brings a reality check about limitations or obstacles preventing you from finding love or fulfillment in your relationships. Some are self-created—which may not be what you want to hear. But on the bright side, realizing this empowers you to do something about it!

Jupiter also aligns with Pluto three times this year (April 4, June 29, and November 12), reminding you that all of this is ultimately for the best. Difficult truths may need to be faced before broken hearts can fully heal.

Jupiter's sextile to Neptune in Pisces (February 20, July 27, and October 12) helps you keep the faith, but may also encourage wishful thinking. Listen to your heart, Cancer—just make sure you're using your head as well.

Saturn dips into Aquarius (your house of intimacy) from March 21-July 1 and returns there to stay on December 16. Jupiter follows three days later, and on December 21 the two meet up for 2020's hotly anticipated Great Conjunction. This is a time for going deep and getting real!

If you're in a relationship, one or both of you may be craving more space and freedom. As threatening as this feels, it could be a healthy sign of growth. After all, Cancer, the strongest couples are together because they want to be—not because they need to be.

2020 Finance & Career

Roll up your sleeves, Cancer—it's time to get to work!

With Mars spending half of 2020 in his home sign of Aries (your career house), you'll have even more energy than usual for initiating new business ventures and pursuing long-term goals. The only trouble? You're likely to come up with more bright ideas than you can realistically accomplish at once.

Be proactive and use February-April (as Venus, the sun, and Mercury move through Aries) to get clear on your top priorities and make your plan of attack. That way, when Mars charges into Aries on June 27, you'll know exactly where to start.

Still, no matter how efficiently you work with Mars, there's some risk of burning yourself out. If you've overextended yourself, his retrograde period (September 9-November 13) is a time to rein it in and recharge your batteries. It's also a good time to smooth things over with colleagues if, in your rush to get ahead, you forgot to stay in your lane.

Mars isn't the only planet pushing your career forward. Uranus spends all of 2020 in Taurus, your house of networking and technology—two areas in which it's often easy for you to get stuck in a rut. But not this year, Cancer! Thanks to Mars and Uranus, you're taking the initiative to expand your professional networks, upgrade your tech, and set bigger and better goals for the future.

To do this, you'll need to keep an open mind—especially when it comes to what coworkers might be able to teach you. With the south node in Sagittarius for most of the year, it's tempting to think you've got all the answers. But fortunately, two eclipses in your house of work (lunar on June 5, solar on December 14) make it easier to let that counterproductive attitude go.


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